iBET Malaysia Online Casino Help you to Get Free RM5

iBET Online Casino Malaysia Help you to Get Free RM5

Thank you all for your support! ”iBET Malaysia Online Casino Help you to Get Free RM5 ” has ended! Please follow iBET for more bonus!

 Promotional activities have ended, iBET Thanks for your support!

iBET Malaysia Online Casino has new Free Credit Verify Mobile start from January 1st , only for iBET members! Now we will help you To get it sooner iBET now teach you simple 3 steps to get your 4D free credit!

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Go Get iBET no deposit free credit Verify Mobile Free RM5 !! >>

Go Free Register iBET and Login iBET Verify your Mobile Number, then you can Get Free RM5 Bonus and bet in 4D to Get Prize up to MYR 8,000!!

Casino588 recommend iBET teach you how to verifying

Casino588 recommend iBET teach you how to verifying tutorial:

Step 1

  1. Please go to ’’iBET Online Casino Malaysia’’ website to register.
  2. After entering, click ’’Free Register’’ on the top right of the page, join iBET as new member!



Step 2

  1. On register page, fill in your User Name、Password and Confirm Password,then fill in your full name, and fill in the verification code to complete the step, then just click ’’Register Now’’ at the bottom.
    User Name is needed to be started with an alphabet, with 2-9 letters and digits combination.

Full Name  cannot be changed after registration to ensure your name same as bank account name.






  1. After register success, you would be led back to iBET home page, and in login status, now just click ’’PROFILE’’ on the top right profile avatar and you can enter your profile page where you’re closer to the free verification bonus!


Step 3

  1. After entering profile, click the grey verification button in the Mobile Number section, and complete your phone number verification!





  1. Then you would see a pop-up window for verification. Now please fill in your phone number and click ’’Send Verification”,iBET now would send verify code to your cellphone!


  1. Then fill in the verify code you receive and summit!(Example below)


  1. When you see ’’Your mobile number has been successfully verification’’ it means your verification succeeds!Then click ’’Done’’ back to the profile page.




After verification succeeded, the verification icon would become green to show verification success!Our system would send “verify bonus RM5” to your account!

08You can click  inhomepage ’’Bonus’’ to check your RM5 bonus in your iMoney!



After confirming your RM5 bonus, you can Go iLottery in iBET Online Casino to enjoy 4D exciting betting!

* iBET remind you to transfer your RM5 bonus from iMoney to iLottery to play bets in 4D.

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iBET is dedicated on being the best online casino so iBET iLottery would bring you the greatest 4D lottery betting games!

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*If you win big prize of 4D in iBET iLottery!You can see here Withdrawal Your Jackpot In New iBET Beta Version  to withdraw your big prize!

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