You Can Play With Japanese AV In AG iBET Malaysia Online Casino

You Can Play With Japanese AV In AG iBET Online Casino Malaysia

Thank you all for your support! ”You Can Play With Japanese AV In AG iBET Malaysia Online Casino” has ended! Please follow iBET for more bonus!

Casino588 wanna tell you an exciting news! As we know AG iBET is a famous online casino in Malaysia, and keep update casino promotion to all players.

Now, AG invited 5 Japanese AV girls to be live casino dealer. Magic actress hall November special edition of the victorious return ! Live casino video games, slot game machines can be seen Actress ” three trump card ” Magic actress Yoshizawa Akiho,Kyoka Julia and Nozomi Aso cheer for the players in person and cosplay to send interactive surprises in iBET game hall.

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AV girls-banner_banner
2015/11/24 ~ 2015/11/27

【Deal Time】
11/24:20:00 ~ 22:00
11/25~27:14:00 ~ 00:00

Yoshizawa Akiho

Yoshizawa Akiho in ibet online casino

Kyoka Julia

Kyoka Julia in ibet online casino

Nozomi Aso

Nozomi Aso in ibet online casino

AG Game Hall In iBET Rebate Up To 0.75%

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