7LIVEASIA CASINO Betting Buddy! You Are Not Alone!

7LIVEASIA CASINO Betting Buddy! You Are Not Alone!

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7LIVEASIA CASINO Betting Buddy! You Are Not Alone!

7LIVEASIA CASINO Betting Buddy! You Are Not Alone!

7LIVEASIA Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion starts from 1st January 2015 (GMT+8) to 31st December 2015 (GMT+8). This promotion is open for all 7LIVEASIA Online Casino active members & has made at least one deposit into 7LIVEASIA Online Casino account.
  2. To qualify, 7LIVEASIA Online Casino members must successfully refer their friend to register an account with 7LIVEASIA Online Casino during the promotion period
  3. Referred friends must meet the following criteria:
    • Have not registered any accounts with 7LIVEASIA Online Casino prior to promotion period
    • Not to be associated/registered with any 7LIVEASIA Online Casino Affiliates
    • Make at least total accumulated deposit of MYR300 into their 7LIVEASIA Online Casino accounts (Live Casino/ Sportsbooks /Keno& Lottery) during the promotional period
    • Successfully undertake and complete relevant verification process.
  4. Referred friends who meet all the conditions above and the respective 7LIVEASIA Online Casino members will each be awarded with “Free Bet” as illustrated below
Referred Friend 7LIVEASIA Online Casino Member
Free Bet MYR8 MYR18
  1. There is no limits as to the number of Referred Friends refer to 7LIVEASIA Online Casino, provided that
  2. To claim Free Bet, 7LIVEASIA Online Casino members must send an e-mail to: bettingbuddy@7LIVEASIA Online Casino from their registered e-mail address within 5days of Referred Friends having successfully registered an account with 7LIVEASIA Online Casino, indicating:
    • Email Subject: BettingBuddy-7LIVE
    • Email contents: Full name, 7LIVEASIA Online Casino User ID of : 7LIVEASIA Online Casino Members & Referred Friends
  3. Free bet will be credited into 7LIVEASIA Online Casino members’ account and Referred Friends account within 5 working days after completion of necessary verifications & meeting the criteria set out above
  4. Free Bet is subject to 5 times rollover prior to withdrawal
  5. Referred Friends may only be referred once by 7LIVEASIA Online Casino members. Only one claim may be made for each Referred Friend.
  6. In the event of more than one 7LIVEASIA Online Casino member seeking to make a claim in respect of the same Referred Friend, Free Bet will be awarded to the first e-mail received
  7. For every 5 successfully referred friends, the referrer is entitled to additional bonus of: MYR100 and this bonus is entitle for 5 time rollover requirement prior to withdrawal.
7LIVEASIA Online Casino Member Additional Free Bet
Successfully referred 5 friends MYR100


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