Fight Corruption Seriously Injured 9club Macau Transition Difficult Road Game

Fight Corruption Seriously Injured 9club Macau Transition Difficult Road Game

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9club City anti-corruption effects, engines of growth and severe decline in gaming in Macau, to save the situation, Macau operators resorted to new tactics, to build luxury hotels to attract mainland tourists, but filled with spectacular scenes of the table is no longer there.

Since 2007, the annual average number of gaming tables in Macau increased by 4% to 5%, the Government set the limit on the number of gaming tables to 5,500, until 2013, the new gaming table numbers also shrank. Wall Street News reports, Melco shadow meeting last month to pay $ 3.2 billion to build high-end restaurants, Department stores, restaurants, amusement parks, game, poker table Casino when it opened a huge number than ever before.

Approval of Melco in Macau video meeting equipment 250 gaming tables, opened only to start 200 and 50 until January next year before they can start trading. Analysts believe that MELCO shadow the meeting apart from the gaming tables of Macau tourism projects expected by the Government, so 250 the number of tables is higher than that expected by the market. However, the only city meeting half the expected number of shadow, the son of Stanley HO, 9club Melco international Chairman Lawrence said this, and the United States private equity firms oak capital and silver point capital of 1.4 billion dollars has been canceled, he bet against tourist resorts in Macaos development prospects.

Macau casino lounge is the main income source of Casino, contributed revenues of 3/2, VIP clients without the use of cash and betting chips provided by industry leading, free accommodation and enjoy the Casino, round-trip ticket treatment. However, after city, anti-corruption and the implementation of a comprehensive smoking ban, 9club business was greatly affected, leading to Macaos fiscal austerity. Macao is to transition to a non-gaming industries, but most analysts believe that short term is difficult to copy the mode of operation of the Strip in Macao, namely, non-gaming revenue share over gaming.

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